How to upgrade to new iPhone for Free

Apple announced the new iPhone 4S yesterday, and there are many reasons you should get it. My favorites:

1. The A5 processor. Keep those speed bumps coming. The iPhone 3GS was an incredible leap over the iPhone 3. I think this new dual-core processor will provide a similar leap in snappiness.

2. The Camera. The camera in the iPhone 4 made the iPhone the most used camera in the world. The leap to 1080P video, faster time to first picture, and using the volume up button to take the picture will only add to that lead.

3. Siri. This is the big Wow. Siri is your new intelligent assistant that truly ushers in the robot age. It reads texts and e-mails to you, dictates responses, sets appointments, tells you the weather, finds a great local Indian restaurant, and more. So I can say, “Remind me to call my wife and buy milk when I leave work”. Since my iPhone knows where I am, the moment I leave work Siri will ask me if I would like to place a call to my wife and reminds me to buy milk on the way home. Sick.

But how do you get the new phone for free, you ask? Well, first of all you need to be eligible for a new, subsidized phone. Apple has set up the ability to check eligibility through AT&T or Verizon (Sprint, which is finally getting to sell the iPhone, will be on the page soon). If you are eligible, you can order the new iPhone this Friday (October 7, 2011) for delivery on October 14 for only $199.

Once you transition to your new iPhone 4S, go ahead and sell the old iPhone on eBay. My brother just sold his old iPhone 3GS for $265. That price might come down with the new phone coming out, but my guess is that you still come out positive. And if you are selling an iPhone 4, you should fare much better.