Hello, I’m a Mac.

As personal computers invaded our lives in the 1980’s and 1990’s, there began a geometric rise in intrafamily tech support calls. Only a gifted few could sit on the phone with a 60-something, divine what was actually taking place on the screen of the remote PC based on exceedingly inadequate descriptions and a certain penchant for clicking the mouse when no click was requested, and eventually come to a graceful conclusion to the problem prior to slamming the phone down in frustration. Sadly, I am gifted.

So when Steve Jobs returned to Apple around the turn of the century, and brought with him the bones of what would become OS X, the new Mac operating system, I was intrigued. Now what the new Macs could do was cool, but it was more what they didn’t do that led me to buy an iMac for me on my birthday in 2002. I bought it in 2002. And it is still sitting, working, in my guest house eight years later.

Since that day, now almost eight years ago, when I bought my first Mac, I have directly influenced over 100 purchases of Macs. Indirectly, who knows. The reason: I stopped supporting PC’s four years ago.

Yep. Cold. Well, I gave my family a few weeks notice, but that was about it.

It was what they didn’t do.